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Teanna Trump Says Lil Baby Loves What Her Mouf Do, Thirsty Twitter Reacts

Source: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty

Another day, another porn star is exposing Lil Baby on Twitter.

December has not been a good month for Lil Baby when it comes to testing his relationship. Just last week, “wee wee wrangler” and the best rider in the game, Ms. London revealed Lil Baby spent bands for her services. Now legendary fellatio expert Teanna Trump claims that the “Drip Too Hard” rapper loves her mouth.

Now how did we get here?

Well, the only Trump we acknowledge responded to Baby’s girlfriend, Jayda’s now-deleted tweet claiming, “Yea I do, your man loves my mouth.” She followed that up with another  by threatening to drop receipts in the form of screenshots stating:

“He better check his bitch. Lol Don’t make me post screenshots.”

She also retweeted a video of her doing what she does best, leaving many to believe that it’s one of the receipts she was talking about.

Jayda has been tweeting through it and sending out subliminal tweets, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she is mad that she has to deal with another porn star talking about having sex with her boyfriend. In one sub directed towards Trump, she wrote:

“Sis if you wanted me to shoutout your only fan you could’ve just said that. You didn’t have to throw shade?!?”

Trump responded to her Tweet:

“But I’ve never promoted my onlyfans on Twitter.. Ever.”

What a way to close out the week. You can peep more reactions to Lil Baby allegedly finding out what Teanna Trump’s mouf do in the gallery below.

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty

1. Oh y’all BIG HORNY


3. Damn!

4. HOW?


6. Lol y’all are ridiculous

7. Truuueeeee

8. No wonder they out here leaking info.

9. It might have happened already

10. Oh man.