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While Donald Trump is slowly becoming a political afterthought despite his desperate attempts at regaining relevancy, the ghost of failed businessmen’s past just can’t stay out of the news. A story that went wide on Friday (Dec. 10) revealed that an alleged Kanye West AKA Ye insider visited the home of a Georgia election worker and attempted to get the woman to admit to Trump’s loud and wrong claims of voter fraud in favor of President Joe Biden.

As reported by Reuters, Chicago publicist Trevian Kutti, who is linked to jailed crooner R. Kelly, visited the home of 62-year-old Ruby Freeman on January 4 of this year offering protection to the election worker after she received death threats in the wake of Trump’s unsuccessful reelection bid and false claims of tampering from the other side. By way of a bodycam video, the exchange between Kutti and Freeman can be viewed, and the implications are that she was working on behalf of Trump and his team.

From Reuters:

When Kutti knocked on Freeman’s door on Jan. 4, Freeman called 911. By then, Freeman said, she was wary of strangers.

Starting on Dec. 3, Trump and his campaign repeatedly accused Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, of illegally counting phony mail-in ballots after pulling them from mysterious suitcases while working on Election Day at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. In fact, the “suitcases” were standard ballot containers, and the votes were properly counted, county and state officials quickly confirmed, refuting the fraud claims.

But Trump and his allies continued to accuse Freeman and Moss of election-rigging. The allegations inspired hundreds of threats and harassing messages against them and their family members.

By the time Kutti arrived, Freeman needed help but was cautious and wouldn’t open the door because of the threats, according to Freeman and a police report.

Kutti, who is Black, reportedly told Freeman, also Black, that she was a “loose end” and that she needed to admit to filing fake ballots or something would happen to her in 48 hours. All of this took place in a police station with officers as witnesses.

Where things get bizarre is Freeman saying that Kutti said that she was going to put a man by the name of Harrison Ford on speakerphone to speak with her about the grave situation. Freeman said that the man speaking was not the famed actor. Kutti curiously asked for privacy so it isn’t known what the mysterious Harrison Ford character said to Freeman.

We should note that a Twitter user claims that Kutti was using the name Harrison Floyd, who was linked to Trump.

The entire ordeal was fishy from the onset but Kutti’s bold move of accompanying Freeman to the police station at the risk of being recorded speaks volumes as to what lengths Trump and the MAGA weirdos were willing to attempt to retain the White House.

On Twitter, people are reacting to the zany story as only they can. Check out those reactions below.

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