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Twitter Users React To The Social Media Platorm's Latest Service Outage

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Twitter had a major service outage, and users reacted hilariously to being without their favorite social media platform.

What’s Going On With Twitter?

If you just opened up Twitter right now, you can’t tell that it suffered another service outage. For about 40 minutes early Thursday morning (Jul.14).

Things went south for the platform at about 8:05 am ET when users began complaining about receiving “over capacity” and “this page is down” messages. Per The Verge, issues plagued users trying to tweet using the mobile app,  web client, or even TweetDeck.

DownDetector received thousands of reports about Twitter at the time, but when you checked Twitter’s status page, “all systems operational.” Users noted that loaded as normal, but many people still couldn’t log in or see tweets. The social media platform slowly started acting normal around 8:40 am ET, with many noting they were able to tweet and use the service as normal.

The company finally acknowledged at 9:10 am ET that something was wrong, tweeting, “we’re working to get it back up and running for everyone.” By 12:37 pm ET, Twitter said it reached a full resolution blaming an “unspecified problem with internal systems” as the culprit.

The Reactions Are Always Hilarious

This latest outage is the first major one for the social media platform since suffering a series of problems back in February, where users experienced a “technical bug that was preventing timelines from loading and Tweets from posting.”

With any service outage on the social media platform comes the reactions from users not being able to get their tweets off.

where do i complain about twitter being down when twitter is down!? #twitterdown,” one person tweeted. 

Of course, you can always return to the barren wasteland that is Facebook, where memes go to die to pass the time.

These issues are not a good look for the platform that is currently suing the pants off of Elon Musk for trying to back out of the $44 billion agreement to purchase the company Jack used to own.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty

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