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ATL Day Party

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This past weekend social media was abuzz with the video of Meek Mill and Tekashi Snitch9ine barking at each other when they crossed paths outside of a club somewhere in The A.

Naturally social media had their opinions about the encounter and though not many people took Tekashi’s side, they weren’t exactly riding with Meek Mill in the situation either. Now Wack 100 has decided to add his two cents on the matter and sho ’nuff the LA Blood criticized the Philadelphia rapper for even addressing the Brooklyn dime dropper at all.

Taking to IG to air out his frustrations on the matter, Wack reminded everyone how Meek’s team chased Safaree around the block at BET Weekend a few years back, which he said “pissed me off” because Safaree was a non-affiliate and “very humble individual.” Insinuating that Meek picks and chooses when to flex and basically front for the gram, Wack said Meek’s actions were a “disgrace” to the city of Philadelphia and even says “6ix9ine won that one.”

Though it seems like Meek hasn’t addressed the situation, HotNewHipHop is reporting that Meek did indeed respond to Wack’s video only to retract what he put out there.

Then Meek had this to say on IG, accompanied by a video which appeared to be a recording of Wack 100 talking greasy about one of his friends. Meek later deleted it:

This is @wack100 talking behind his “blood homie” back to me when he supposed to be smoke! Never believe this old manipulator. He really pusssy and will have you crash to protect hisself… It’s sad you out here tryna mislead the youngins on the net… You run up on me if you wanna set a example! You biting your homie back out to opps while it’s on, LOL. You were excited from that Nip situation IDK how they let you rock in LA… I think you a Fed also! Didn’t you just get shot off the net? LOL #Wack100Exposed I love going at you fake bullies…”

We wonder what made Meek take down that post?

Still, Wack got wind of the post and threw up the old video of Meek and his crew chasing the “humble individual,” Safaree with a caption that read “Selective Politicking.”

Wack then again added more fuel to the growing fire by reposting a video from one Jordan Tower who made a video about the situation and questioned whether Meek was frontin’ for clout with hashtag #MEEKWASHINGTON THE ACTOR.

Tekashi somewhere thanking God that Meek is getting all the backlash and not him right now. Peep some of the ongoing reactions.