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Max Is The New Name For HBO Max & Twitter Hates It

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Do you want to see a dumb idea? Warner Bros Discovery did something nobody wanted them to do dropped HBO from HBO Max, and now, it’s just known as Max.

Wednesday, April 12, during a press event at Stage 14 on its Burbank lot, Warner Bros Discovery officially unveiled Max, which will combine programming from the streaming services formerly known as HBO Max and Discovery, and it will officially go live on May 23.

It will cost potential subscribers $15.99, according to The Verge.

“This is a real moment for us … This is our time,” CEO David Zaslav said during his opening remarks.

He continued, “This is our chance, and I feel like, for our company, this is our rendezvous with destiny.”

The rebrand news comes almost a year after the $43 billion Warner Media-Discovery merger closed. 2023 also happens to be the 100th anniversary of the founding of Warner Bros.

According to JB Perrette, President & CEO of Global Streaming & Games, Warner Bros Discovery, the decision to rebrand and put all of the content in one place is to help Max stand out “in a sea of streaming services.”

He continued, “In this era of peak confusion, we’re trying to simplify and improve the experience for consumers.

Twitter Thinks The Rebrand To Max Is A Stupid Idea

There were also announcements of new original programming coming to Max, including another Game of Thrones prequel show, The Penguin, a Harry Potter reboot, and much more.

The news of the rebrand did not land positively. Variety said in a report that the company’s stock immediately took a hit and was down 6% after the announcement.

Even with the news of all the new shows, Twitter has been roasting Warner Bros Discovery for changing the name of the steaming service.

“Getting rid of the HBO in HBO Max is probably one of the most insane marketing decisions in tv history,” one Twitter user wrote. 

You can see more reactions to HBO Max becoming Max in the gallery below.

Photo: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

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