Young Bae "Black Ink Crew" Season 8 Premiere Viewing Party

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Last week on Black Ink Crew, Walt was officially fed up with the crew after Tati ruined his engagement party. This week’s episode picks up after the aftermath of those events.

The crew is in the shop discussing what happened with Walt and not taking any responsibility for finally pushing the man off the deep end. Puma had to remind them each of the times they messed up Walt’s big moments, especially Tati, whose behavior was the final straw.ย  Donna just hopes that Walt doesn’t fall off the wagon and start abusing alcohol again.

Puma believes there is more to Walt’s anger, and he hopes Walt talks to someone instead of holding all of that anger in.

Speaking of Walt, he arrives at Jess’s house. They have a discussion about the party with Walt explaining he felt like he had no choice but to leave because the gang was being disrespectful.ย  Jess tells Walt she doesn’t want him planning their wedding without her and suggests that they should consider going to premarital counseling. Walt is not feeling that idea because he usually handled his issues on his own because that’s how he was raised.ย  He does tell Jess he will think about it.

Walt does eventually go to counseling with Jess, and the couple opens up. Jess reveals that because of Walt cheating on her,ย  they broke up for a few months. Because of that, it’s hard for her to trust him again, and on a scale of 1-10, she’s at 7 when it comes to trusting him. The therapist reveals that means that some work has to be done before they get married. Walt says he is committed to doing the work to get Jess at a 10.

Back at the shop, Bae tells Donna that her father has found her and reached out to her and engaged in small talk with her. We learned in a previous season that Bae’s dad was extremely abusive towards her mom, sister, and herself, and they ran away from him. Somehow he was able to track her down using a Korean app that locates people, and he informs her that he is possibly coming to New York City, and he wants to see her.

Bae has a lot of questions she wants to ask her dad like why was he always so angry towards his family? They never did anything wrong to him. Bae is still unsure if she wants to see him.

We catch up with Puma, and he heads home in hopes to get some buns. Unfortunately, Quani is not in the mood due to the fact she has been watching their son. Puma just wants to put some fun back in their lives and jokingly blames the kids for messing things up in the bedroom. Quani agrees to go on a planned date night with Puma, but she has to do the planning.

Unfortunately for Puma, he had no idea what Quani had in store for them on date night. His wife booked them a session at an S&M Dungeon, and Puma is taking on the role of the submissive and gets tied up and subjected to some electrocution and spanking. Puma wasn’t really feeling the date at all.

Donna and Alex are also having a date night but at the Sex Museum. After enjoying all of the attractions, Alex and Donna sit down for a conversation. She tries to tell him about Tati, but Alex could care less because Alex really wants to ask Donna an important question. Donna thinks Alex is about to propose to her finally; instead, he asks if they could have a baby, and Donna is not feeling that idea at all.

Alex is disappointed with Donna because she wants to get married first before she has kids and tells him she is content with her dog and his son from another woman. Donna calls him selfish for wanting to have a child before a wedding, and the conversation ends.

Upset, Donna goes over to secret lesbian lover, Tati’s house, and she explains what happened between her and Alex. Donna reveals to Tati that her ectopic pregnancy was a scary moment for her. Donna is not even sure if she can have children, and she could die if she gets pregnant. Donna is dead serious about getting married before having kids.

Finally, after some convincing from Teddy of all people, Bae decides to meet up with her dad. When the two sit down to talk, Bae immediately starts questioning him about his past abusive behavior, but he has nothing to say. This infuriates Bae, who begins screaming at her dad, and she eventually flips the table. Security has to step in between them, and the episode ends.

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