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Last year, Scott Prouty changed the tide of the presidential election, but no one even knew he was—until now. Prouty is the man who secretly recorded, then presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney segregating 47 percent of voters, whom he said would side with President Obama, regardless of his policies.

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At long last, Mitt Romney has figured out why he isn’t president. Addressing his top donors via telephone Wednesday (Nov. 13), the Republican former governor blamed the defeat on the president being “very generous” to minorities and young voters.

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As the week comes to a close Mitt Romney is probably breathing a heavy sigh of relief, because he doesn’t have to do the political dance only to lose (another) bid for president. Over the last year, Romney went from not being favored by his own party, to the front-runner to bring the presidency back […]

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President Obama hit up the Late Show with David Letterman, and the topic of discussion was Mitt Romney. The President responded to a leaked recording of Romney outlining his plan to appeal to voters who do not fall in the “47 percent” bracket of those who will vote to re-elect the commander in chief.

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Nearly 24 hours after Mother Jones’ video footage of Mitt Romney’s  now infamous “47%”  fundraiser speech hit the net, the Obama campaign has released its own video regarding the issue. In a street-survey-style video, the campaigns, “Truth Team,” took to the American people (mainly White females, one Black male) to get their feelings on Romney’s […]

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While Mitt Romney continues to clean up the mess caused by a leaked video from a fundraiser with wealthy donors, President Obama is firing back.  Romney was recorded saying that “47 percent”  of Americans will ultimately vote for Obama regardless of his policies because they are “dependent on government” and see themselves as “victims.” The […]