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Nearly 24 hours after Mother Jones’ video footage of Mitt Romney’s  now infamous “47%”  fundraiser speech hit the net, the Obama campaign has released its own video regarding the issue.

In a street-survey-style video, the campaigns, “Truth Team,” took to the American people (mainly White females, one Black male) to get their feelings on Romney’s remarks.  In what seems to be an ongoing political tennis match, with Romney faulting on each serve, the Obama campaign can add another point to their column with this video.  The people questioned conveyed their  utter distaste for Romney’s separation of himself from the common man, a sentiment shared by White House spokesman, Jay Carney.

The video also suggests that the 47 percent, as Romney refers to them, do not see themselves as dependent upon government, or even automatic voters for Obama.

One of the most troubling factors not mentioned in either video are the many Republican voters who meet Romney’s criteria of the 47 percent, whom he has now alienated.

Not surprisingly, the Internet is still ablaze since Romney’s video was released.Since Mother Jones ran its story, there have been 348,000+ Twitter mentions of either “47%” or #47percent.


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