Jay Carney

The White House wasn’t going to let Jay-Z rap about a conversation with the president without giving a response. Hov name drops President Obama on his new track “Open Letter,” claiming that he spoke with the commander in chief about going to Cuba.

A suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the U.S. Embassy building in Ankara, Turkey, Friday. The attacker has been confirmed as belonging to a radical leftist group.

President Obama’s cabinet is not wining any praise among those who feel that there is a strong lack of diversity in his choices. A “photo of the day” released by the White House earlier in the week shows the commander in chief with his top advisors, all of whom happen to be white men.

As President Obama looks to reach an agreement ahead of the fiscal cliff deadline—which is less than two weeks away—he’s still facing opposition from House Speaker John Boehner. A meeting Monday (Dec. 17) restored confidence that Boehner would accept the President’s proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy, but as of earlier this morning, things […]

Nearly 24 hours after Mother Jones’ video footage of Mitt Romney’s  now infamous “47%”  fundraiser speech hit the net, the Obama campaign has released its own video regarding the issue. In a street-survey-style video, the campaigns, “Truth Team,” took to the American people (mainly White females, one Black male) to get their feelings on Romney’s […]

While Mitt Romney continues to clean up the mess caused by a leaked video from a fundraiser with wealthy donors, President Obama is firing back.  Romney was recorded saying that “47 percent”  of Americans will ultimately vote for Obama regardless of his policies because they are “dependent on government” and see themselves as “victims.” The […]