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President Obama’s cabinet is not wining any praise among those who feel that there is a strong lack of diversity in his choices.

A “photo of the day” released by the White House earlier in the week shows the commander in chief with his top advisors, all of whom happen to be white men.

With the forthcoming departure of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,who will be replaced by Sen. John Kerry, and the newly announced resignation of Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis, concerns have arisen over the absence of both women and minorities working under the president.

Given his strong showing among both groups during the election, some believe the criticism that the president has received is his own fault.  “If the president is being judged quickly on race and gender issues, it may be because he taught people to do that,” said CBS News Political Director John Dickerson. “In his campaign there was not a race or gender issues that the Obama campaign didn’t jump on when it came to Mitt Romney and the Republicans, and so now he’s feeling a little beat of that heat himself.

“This criticism is ‘Look, Mr. President, you won your election based on the votes of women and minorities, so you should respect that in your naming of the cabinet picks.’”

But all of those appointed by the POTUS aren’t white males. Eric Holder is the country’s first Black attorney general and will remain in his post, Veterans Affairs Chief Eric K. Shinseki is Japanese-American, while a woman, Katheleen Sebelius, holds the position of Health and Human Services Secretary.

“The president is committed to diversity,” noted press secretary Jay Carney, calling the Obama’s team a “vast improvement” from previous administrations.

Photo: Pete Souza/White House