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It isn’t a secret that President Barack Obama has appointed and hired a host of exceptional Black women as part of his administration. However, many of these powerful individuals tend to play the background but are getting some well-deserved attention for their service to the White House.

The IRS is in agreement with the National Treasury Employees Union about a $70 million bonus deal, and Republican Senator Chuck Grassley  is firing back. The Iowa Senator said the IRS will pay multi-millions in employee union bonuses that are not legally required, and go against an Obama Administration directive.  

Verizon Wireless has reportedly aided in the government’s spying efforts. The cell phone provider handed over millions of customer phone records to the National Security Agency with no questions asked. 

The death of a reported acquaintance of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is raising more conspiracy theories that an FBI cover-up may be at play. A team of agents and Massachusetts police officers questioned Ibragim Todashev last week, which somehow ended in his death, but how that happened is a story that continues to change. 

The IRS admitted to targeted members of the GOP and Tea Party, a development which has understandably angered conservatives. A special unit went beyond typical protocol singling out small government groups for using the words “Tea Party” and “patriot,” when applying for tax-exempt status, it was announced Friday (May 10).

Marco Rubio, a Republican and noted Tupac stan, is still mad that Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s got to travel to Cuba. Although the couple’s trip was approved by the Treasury Department, the Florida Senator is calling for the Obama administration to explain why they were allowed to travel to the island nation. 

President Obama’s cabinet is not wining any praise among those who feel that there is a strong lack of diversity in his choices. A “photo of the day” released by the White House earlier in the week shows the commander in chief with his top advisors, all of whom happen to be white men.

As President Obama looks to reach an agreement ahead of the fiscal cliff deadline—which is less than two weeks away—he’s still facing opposition from House Speaker John Boehner. A meeting Monday (Dec. 17) restored confidence that Boehner would accept the President’s proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy, but as of earlier this morning, things […]

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is en route to the Middle East today in hopes of facilitating an end to airstrikes that have claimed the lives of more than 100 people in Gaza City. Once she arrives, Clinton will meet with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Medical marijuana users are free to breathe easier so to speak, thanks to the Obama administration. A new memo issued by the Justice department allows medical use of the drug without fear of prosecution for users or distributors. The policy notes that it is not in their “best interest” to pursue individuals who use or […]

After the infamous video of the fatal beating of 16-year old Chicago student Derrion Albert hit the news, the White House sent Attorney General Eric Holder to the area to. The Associated Press reports that Attorney General Holder was accompanied by Education Secretary Arne Duncan in Chicago Wednesday and called Albert’s death a “wake up […]

The White House is sending Attorney General Eric Holder to Chicago in light of the beating death of Derrion Albert. The White House was relatively mum after the video showing the brutal beating of the 16-year-old boy hit the net. White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, described the video as “chilling” and said: “Though government […]