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As President Obama looks to reach an agreement ahead of the fiscal cliff deadlinewhich is less than two weeks awayhe’s still facing opposition from House Speaker John Boehner.

A meeting Monday (Dec. 17) restored confidence that Boehner would accept the President’s proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy, but as of earlier this morning, things have changed.

POLITICO reports that Boehner is looking to introduce Democrat-opposed legislation which will mark a tax increase on those making $1 million or more a year. “We’re leaving the door open wide for something better,” Boehner told Republicans in a prepared statement. “And I have been clear about that with the president. Plan B Is Plan B for a reason. It’s a less-than-ideal outcome. I’ve always believed we can do better.”

After yesterday’s meeting, Boehner remarked that the commander in chief’s plan lacks “balance,” and will continue negotiation efforts on his part. However, partisan opposition is imminent. “It can’t pass the Senate and therefore will not protect middle class families, and does little to address our fiscal challenged with zero spending cuts,” White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said in a statement. “The President is hopeful that both sides can work out remaining difference and reach a solution so we don’t miss the opportunity in front of us today.”

While his “Plan B” doesn’t mean the end of efforts to work out a deal with the President, Boehner may not be able to pass his proposal without Democratic votes.

Photo: AP