99 problems

In yet another episode of Living While Black in America, a Tennessee man had the cops called him for probably the zaniest reason to crop up in these type of events. Davon Eddington was at his Spring Hill home having a friendly basketball debate on the phone and recited Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems” hook which a […]

Run-DMC recently celebrated a milestone 30-year anniversary for their self-titled debut album and another key centerpiece to Hip-Hop’s foundation is opening up to remember the good ‘ol days all the same. The illusive Rick Rubin recently granted New York Magazine the pleasure of discussing the legendary producer’s first entry into the Hip-Hop culture, which has […]

Ever thought what would Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems,” look like if they were illustrated? Artist Ali Graham has done just that with a daily illustration blog. 

It’s normal for artists to cover tracks as a homage to admirable peers, but some song choices remain quirkier than others. Take this footage from a recent Courtney Love concert during Utah’s Sundance Film Festival for instance. In front of a jam packed venue, Love performed a rendition of Jay-Z‘s 2003 track “99 Problems” to much […]

Everyone’s favorite pill popping radio host was on one of his patented “blow something out of proportion” rants yesterday.  61-year-old Republican pundit, Rush Limbaugh, criticized President Obama for allowing Jay-Z to perform one of his more popular songs, “99 Problems,” during a campaign rally in Ohio.

Being neighbors with Jay-Z has its perks. During the post-Hurricane Sandy struggle that left many lower Manhattan without power, the rapper/mogul brought in a generator to power his building. 

We all know politicians bump Jay-Z as much as any other Hip-Hop fan. They can also muck up Hov’s lyrics, too. The Washington Free Beacon reports that on Wednesday (February 7th) Rep. Alan B. Williams (D-Tallahassee), a Black guy, quoted Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” when a discussing a point about Florida’s evidence code. REP. ALAN B. WILLIAMS: I think one […]

Jay-Z’s hit “99 Problems” get a supercut style video using a gang of Hollywood movies to recreate his lyrics. Created by Eclectic Method and spotted at Life+Times, so Hova must approve. Can we get a list of every film used? Watch the clip below.