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It’s normal for artists to cover tracks as a homage to admirable peers, but some song choices remain quirkier than others. Take this footage from a recent Courtney Love concert during Utah’s Sundance Film Festival for instance. In front of a jam packed venue, Love performed a rendition of Jay-Z‘s 2003 track “99 Problems” to much fanfare.

Considering her past antics, it’s no surprise that the singer-songwriter would select one of Shawn Carter’s most polarizing hits. It was Love’s decision to power through some of the song’s more racially specific phrases that made her performance notable, though. While there was no malicious intent here, Love flippantly drops the n-word and sings about her “black A$$,” a la the Brooklyn MC.

You may care, but she certainly doesn’t. Remember, we’re talking about Courtney Love now, and she’s had 99 overly publicized problems of her own over the years. Reserve your judgments until you see the full performance below. Sound off in the comments if you think she was out of line.

Photo: ABC News