With Adele's fourth album 30 released on Friday (November 19), fans on Twitter are knee-deep in their feels as they take in the new work.

During the CBS special Adele One Night Only on Sunday, the 15-time Grammy-winning singer returned to the stage for the first time in more than four years for a concert in front of some of her famous friends, and also sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an exclusive interview discussing topics from her weight loss to her new relationship with sports agent Rich Paul.


Adele finally dropped a new single and the 6 God approves. While giving the British singer her props for "Easy on Me," he also had to mention that he and the fellow Grammy Awards stacker are best friends.


Rich Paul stays securing deals, and apparently his love life, too. LeBron James' agent and famed British soul singer Adele have now made their relationship Instagram official.

One of the more surprising celebrity pairings of 2021 seems pretty official. Adele and Rich Paul were caught looking like an item in New York City last week.

Rich Paul is an NBA super-agent, and good buddy to LeBron James, with a hell of a come-up story. But right now it's all about him dating British singer Adele and the plethora of jokes and memes the revelation has spawned.


After social media accused Adele of cultural appropriation, fans began to wonder about the whereabouts of Tom Hanks son, Chet, who's been known to use a faux-Jamaican accent from time to time (which still sounds better than Method Man's Jamaican accent in The Wackness). Well, he's heard y'all calling his name and took to social media to profess his thirst for the UK singer.

We knew Adele was on a weight loss journey, but no one was expecting this. The British singer posted a photo of her latest look on Instagram, and it has Twitter reacting.

Adele thought she was posting a harmless photo reminicising about the Notting Hill Carnival in her "beloved London." Instead it has ignited a serious debate on Twitter.

Nicki Minaj has been the bearer of fake news lately. From the abrupt announcement then retraction of her “retirement”, to her latest stunt, fans are understandably giving her the side-eye.

Adele was already in the news for her music (a collab with Beyoncé), but now her personal life is also making headlines. After word got out that UK singer may be seeing Grime artist Skepta, Twitter lit up with reactions.

Beyoncé and Adele have collaborated on a track, and the Internet is just not ready. The word is that the music powerhouses are featured on a song on a new album from OneRepublic.