Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin is at the center of a tragic incident on the set of a Western that he was filming when a prop gun he used in a scene misfired, injuring the cinematographer and director on Thursday outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The cinematographer would later die from her injuries.

Another day, another white celebrity saying some headass nonsense. Professional Donald Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin apparently thinks Black people love him because of his roasts of Trump but Black Twitter quickly reminded him that is not the case with an emphatic NAH.

Donald Trump has such a thin skin it doesn’t take much to make his orange-hued temper flare up. Alec Baldwin knows this, and the actor, whose portrayals of La Naranja on Saturday Night Live are hilarious, flawlessly trolled the president-elect, in Russian. 

The list of stars Chance The Rapper has been spotted with is growing and becoming increasingly random. This now includes Alec Baldwin.

“Enigmatic” is a fitting title when it comes to describing Janelle Monáe. The Electric Lady singer has been captivating audiences since her entry into the game and now that her career is in full swing (and we do mean swing), she’s really seeing her hard work shine on the center stage.

Veteran actor Alec Baldwin is no friend of the paparazzi, evidenced by several run-ins with zealous photographers over the years. This past Sunday (February 17), the eldest of the Brothers Baldwin was involved in another altercation and this time the photographer claims a racial slur was used as well. 

Actor Alec Baldwin has had a longstanding battle against the paparazzi, but he’s finally gone too far. Fed up with a New York Daily News photographer’s pursuit to snap a picture of him (and who he allegedly punched), the 30 Rock star took to Twitter to air out his grievances, comparing himself to George Zimmerman. Of […]