Skyzoo & Torae’s Barrel Brothers album is well on its way to being inducted into the collaborative album Hall of Fame. Until then, the two NYC rhyme heavyweights are going to continue to chip away at these shows and release videos to showcase their talents without bragging about it.

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“How the f**k n****as talking about, they rep the city and their joint sound like ‘Walk it Out?'” Torae questions while inhaling the crisp Brooklyn air during the video for the record “Blue Yankee Fitted.”

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Skyzoo and Torae have never shied away from their hometown pride. In fact, they embrace being proud New Yorkers in unison on a track titled “Blue Yankee Fitted.”


New York City and lyrical MCs remain synonymous. Though there’s less local MCs dominating in the mainstream than, say, 15 years ago, two of the best that Brooklyn has to offer in Skyzoo and Torae (together known as Barrel Brothers) have a new LP on the way.