Ted Nugent believes that he has done more for Black America than President Obama. In a column written for  World Net Daily, the conservative musician named the commander in chief, and members of the democratic party , as the destructive force aimed at taking down Black people.

Spike Lee has never been one to follow anyone else’s vision, even if the public doesn’t understand his direction. The Brooklyn native’s newest theater work, Red Hook Summer spreads to wide release today,  and the 55-year-old explained to Hip-Hop Wired why, after all these years, he still has the same goal. “My films have always […]

President Obama wants to make something very clear: he is not just the president of “Black” America,” but the entire county. In his cover story for Black Enterprise magazine, Obama responded to criticism that he hasn’t done enough for the Black community, stating that his job is to help the nation as a whole. “My […]

Now many have come to look at such scenarios and push them to the side as if it never happened, but instances such as this are uncalled for and give insight to something in between the lines. As Monday was a day to remember and look back at the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, […]

“All Hip Hop did was start reporting the news and the news just happened to be bad.” There has been debate within the African-American community to figure out exactly what happened in the relations between Black men and Black women and why  females are depicted and treated so negatively. The finger of blame has been […]

Black America is in a state of emergency and it has come to a point where violence has escalated to an alarming rate and the youth seem to have lost a sense of direction which has only resulted in casualties. A stand is being made by Rev. Al Sharpton as he will be pairing up […]

America has been in a state of emergency for some time as of late.  With the recession and the swine flu running rampant and leaving their marks, the country has been in a mad dash searching for some sort of order out of this madness. The same situation is present in the Black community, but […]

“Rap stopped being rap after Rakim.  Everything else was kinda like downhill.”  There was a day in time before everybody was dancing and riding with the South when New York was known as the stomping grounds for Hip-Hop music.  Much has changed since then as the energy has shifted towards pop infused rap records and […]