Now many have come to look at such scenarios and push them to the side as if it never happened, but instances such as this are uncalled for and give insight to something in between the lines.

As Monday was a day to remember and look back at the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and what he strived for in regards to the future of Black America, but more so the humanity in America, certain slip ups were made by ESPN radio host Mike Greenberg of Mike and Mike In the Morning.

Since then he has come to apologize for his words and stated the fault was in him speaking too fast.  I mean, I’m sure ‘coon’ and ‘king’ could easily get confused right?  If the answer is no, then everyone is in agreement as such a statement makes some speculate why ‘coon’ would even come out of his mouth, of all words.

The apology itself seems like it was forced as he was clearly under fire and had to quickly clean the mess up, but he must still be put on blast for such a bonehead move.  If he happened to be having a dialogue before the camera’s cut on about race, so be it, but don’t think an apology is enough to rectify such a brash “slip up”.

“I’m sorry that my talking too fast – and slurring my woods – might have given people who don’t know our show the wrong impression about us, and about me.”

Now some may read and think that there is a little too much sensitivity, but that’s not the case as it more of a platform to call out faults.  If Black America is publicized for every little wrongdoing, then it must be called on both sides of the fence.  Don’t confuse this with being whiny, but more of delivering a wake up call to be more aware and get it together.

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