Black In America

Journalist Soledad O’Brien and her successful Black In America series has sparked some plenty of discussions worthy of debate regarding race relations. She continues the trend with the latest installment of the CNN program, BLACK in America: BLACK & BLUE – Soledad O’Brien Reports.

In a recent interview with BET, J. Cole questioned whether he could have attained the same success if he was dark skinned. Before you berate the MC with slander, know that this hypothetical scenario came in the context of a conversation about Trayvon Martin, race in America, and colorism in the Black community.

Former CNN morning anchor Soledad O’Brien made waves in the news world with her successful Black In America documentary series. According to O’Brien, White critics of the documentaries, which examined race relations throughout the nation, saw the series as divisive.

Steve Stoute Gives Advice For Black Tech Entrepreneurs As the fourth installment of the Black In America series, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien follows eight African-American entrepreneurs immersed in the predominantly young, white, male world of Silicon Valley. Here you can see hip-hop mogul Steve Stoute give his input on the topic. More videos including the shows […]