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Before the world was flooded with news that Navy Seals successfully killed Osama Bin Laden, Dr. Steve Perry was giving HipHopWired his opinion on The President Of The United States.

The esteemed principal, who made national headlines on CNN’s Black In America II, is never one to hold back and his latest interview proved no different.

In it, Perry, who moonlights as a CNN education contributor, said that The President is a leader—and he uses that term loosely, who is too malleable, too conciliatory and overall too soft.

He also added his opinion on the ongoing issues between Bill Cosby, who helped raise over $70,000 for Perry’s Capital Preparatory Magnet School, and Hip-Hop pioneer Russell Simmons.

As previously reported, Cosby and Simmons have ongoing issues that most recently exploded with Cosby telling Simmons “Fawk your apology”— a move Perry says is being blown out of proportion and that he understands.

Check out Dr. Steve Perry speaking on Obama, his latest bok “Push Has Come To Shove” and what he really thinks about the beef between Bill Cosby and Russell Simmons.

HipHopWired: What’s your take on this whole Obama birther thing? Do you think he really needed to show his birth certificate?

Dr. Steve Perry: I think Donald Trump needs to kick rocks, and I think all of the people who are pushing this birther issue are making themselves seem far less intelligent than they really are. They’re probably bright people and they’ve allowed themselves to be whipped into a fervor about something that’s nothing. These are probably the same people who sought to impeach Clinton. They’re just a group of people who when they don’t win instead of being men and women about it, they take the coward route and they try to win at all costs. And nobody ever respects anybody who does that. If you lost, you lost; get over it.

HipHopWired:  If you could give The President some advice what would it be?

Dr. Steve Perry: I think that one of The President’s biggest issues is that he doesn’t present himself as a man who has a strong opinion. I think he presents himself as someone who’s conciliatory who’s willing to bend and be malleable. At least one thing about George Bush, we knew he wasn’t bedning. I think The President himself as as a leader and I use that term loosely, his claim is his willingness to make exceptions and I feel like he set the stage to have himself seen as just that. If you want a guy whose biggest opinion is that everybody should have a turkey in every pot then you got it. He’s a strong proponent of the things that everybody agrees on and I think he presents some real challenges to himself by doing that…

HipHopWired: Why would you use the term leader “loosely?” Why would you say that?

Dr. Steve Perry: Because I think leadership requires at its core making tough decisions. Yeah he fought for healthcare, he’s got some decent ideas about education but he’s continued the Bush era tax cuts, he’s continued to open up other funds in terms of the war—that’s not what he said. I recognize that with new information you make new decisions but the man has to be known for something. Either you’re known for that or you’re not. Again, say what you want but Bush, this cat said what he felt. It may not have been well thought out but he was a leader. That’s what it was.  He handled his business, I didn’t like the direction he led people; all leadership is not good. But I’ve wanted since the campaign for The President to punch somebody in the mouth. Dead up. Like, “Sit down boy, I’m the boss here!” And I feel like as somebody who works with children. At no time do I give the impression that I’m gonna listen to their opinion, that’s not what I’m about. I’m not here to be part of it, I’m not here to negotiate with you. He explains too much too often. A beer summit?! Seriously?

HipHopWired:  I remember you said you didn’t agree with that…

Dr. Steve Perry: Man are you serious? Let these men handle their business, they’re two big grown behind men. Who steps to a police officer at night? Only a Black man that works at Harvard. [Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.] Why would you do such a thing?! That’s bad business, a man with a gun and a badge tells you to stand down. That’s what you do, you do what you gotta do. That’s what we teach our young Black boys and anyone who tells them anything different is going to get them shot or hurt.

HipHopWired: Let’s talk about your school Capital Prep Academy. Last time we spoke 100% of your students graduated. Is that still the case?

Dr. Steve Perry: 100% of our students graduate and go to four-year college, that’s still the case. All of seniors this year have been accepted to four year colleges but the economy is not in our favor this year and money’s looking real tight. For the first time ever I’m not excited about this time of year. I’m calling people who are famous and well to-do to help. The ones who always said ‘if you ever need anything give me a call.’ So I now I’m actually making the phone call, I’ve never done that before. Now I’m collecting money. I got a cup and I’m standing there saying my kids are broke, broke like they were when I got ‘em. They’re more educated now, they’re ready to go but they’re still broke. I can’t get them out of being broke till they go to college.

HipHopWired: Are you getting more assistance for them? Are people really coming through?

Dr. Steve Perry:  Some people have. I wanna make a note though, one person who always comes through is Soledad O’Brien. Without question, a simple email and Soldead got two of my kids going to Morehouse. I don’t have to go through all kinds of rigmarole; I don’t have to give her one of my children. I think it’s worth noting that she and Bill Cosby…I’ve asked before, I said “Dr. Cosby, we want to start a scholarship fund, would you come and do something for us?” And 99% of the time he tells me no. I understand because everybody asks him all the time, he said yes and came and raised $70,000. People gotta watch who they talk about because they don’t even know.

Soledad O’Brien And Dr. Steve Perry

HipHopWired: Speaking of Dr. Cosby he was just in headlines for his not only his issues with Donald Trump but with Russell Simmons. They’ve had a public falling out and Cosby told Simmons, Fawk your apology—what’s your take on that? Should they keep their issues behind closed doors?

Dr. Steve Perry: They’re two grown men, let’s start there. I think we often make much ado about nothing. Why can’t they disagree? I don’t care. I really don’t. If there’s anyone who thinks we as the Black community all have one mindset they need to wake up.  I don’t know what their beef is and I think I can say I like Dr. Cosby a lot. I don’t know Russell Simmons as well, I’ve met him a few times and he’s been polite to me. So I have every reason to like him as well, I have interest in working with both of them. I know that both of them have aligned themselves as philanthropists and thought provoking individuals. They came into this as entertainers and pushed the envelope in that area and they’re spending the rest of their lives improving the lives of others.

HipHopWired: Tell us a little bit about your book. What do you hope people get from it?

Dr. Steve Perry: This is not an education tome that’s a textbook. It reads more like fiction than anything. It’s compelling in many ways. It tells personal stories about how I got  started. I’m wide open, filters are off; this is straight tobacco. We don’t realize that our parents are often maligned for the fails of the public school system. This book is an opportunity for those people who have children in the system or just care about children who want an insider’s guide on how to beat the system. You will beat the system, I promise you. You’ll be able to read this and say, “Oh snap I didn’t know that” or “I didn’t know that was in my rights.” And you’re also gonna find out who some of the culprits are. Many families feel like that because they went to failed schools they wonder, “Dag, am I just not as smart as some of the other kids?” And that’s not what it is….you’re probably smarter then them. It’s just that you went to a raggedy school. Something’s gotta happen something’s gotta change and it’s gotta change right now. We’re absolutely gonna make this, we’re winning right now. The good guys are winning.