On Wednesday (Sept 3) Diddy announced that he's opening the newest addition to his network of college prep schools in the Bronx. Capital Prep Bronx will start remote classes Tuesday in the borough's Co-Op City neighborhood, before eventually transitioning to “hybrid/in-person” classes, to accommodate safety precautions surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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You can do it too and you can do it better than me…” Dr. Steve Perry, the famed Connecticut principal from CNN’s “Black In America 2” and former interviewee with HipHopWired.com, sat down with Pharrell Williams to talk about America’s flawed education system. Dr. Perry got a chance to have an intimate convo with Pharrell […]

Let’s cut to the B.S.  Now I’m not one to condone violence on a child but sometimes a good whipping will set you straight. Sherri Lynn Davis has made headlines over the past few weeks for beating down her 13-year old student Isaiah Johnson after he felt the need to bully and make fun of […]

Dr. Steve Perry is most known for his 100% graduation rate at his Capital Prep Academy in Connecticut and his appearance on CNN’s “Black In America 2”program. The prolific principal and former interviewee of HipHopWired now serves an education contributor to the network.  Utilizing his new position Perry had the opportunity to interview Diddy on […]

“Look at what we’re doing! I’m taking kids who are some of the lowest performing students in the nation and I’m telling them they’re gonna go to college. That ain’t easy. It’d be easier to make a three-pointer from the other free-throw line.” Hip-Hop Wired returns with the second installment of our interview with educator […]

Despite the state of Connecticut having the largest racial disparity in academics in the country, one man is standing at the forefront of bridging the gap a child at a time. That man is the principal of Capital Prep Magnet School, Dr. Steve Perry. Dr. Perry stunned millions of viewers of CNN’s Black In America […]