Dr. Steve Perry is most known for his 100% graduation rate at his Capital Prep Academy in Connecticut and his appearance on CNN’s “Black In America 2”program.

The prolific principal and former interviewee of HipHopWired now serves an education contributor to the network.  Utilizing his new position Perry had the opportunity to interview Diddy on several topics including his idea to start a business school.

Speaking on his time with the music mogul, Dr. Perry promises to deliver an “intimate discussion” between two men and give viewers an inside look into conversations they’ve had off camera between two associates.

“What you will see is what I saw, a regular dude. My goal was to introduce a man who many feel they already know. I wanted to let the viewers in on the phone conversations that he and I have had in which he is curious and compassionate. I’m not a journalist and this is not an interview. I am a social worker. This is an intimate discussion.”

Here’s a portion of the interview where Dr. Perry and Diddy discuss how he realized his purpose in life and his business dealings.

Dr. Perry’s interview in its entirety will air tonight on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 at 11 p.m. EST.

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