In a non-startling display of party operating policy, the Dallas County GOP has officially claimed defeat in their pursuit of Black constituents, leaving local party leaders and organizations to the political wolves. Calvin Stephens, chairman of the beleaguered party’s Dallas chapter, has acknowledged the organization’s demise. “It kind of dissipated,” remarked Stephens. “The enthusiasm we […]

Right-Wing nut jobs were hootin’ and hollerin’ for joy when Kansas Representative Bill Otto’s “Redneck Rap” hit the net. Needless to say, the general public was not nearly as amused, and have enlisted Anthony Hensley to put the rapping redneck back in his place. “I am appalled,” said the Topeka Democrat of the video in […]

40-Year-old double leg amputee, Greg Williams, found himself an unwitting victim of police brutality, as the wheelchair bound man shockingly became a victim of police brutality. Merced County Police Department of Merced County California has tasked their Internal Affairs Division with investigating the incident which saw two police officers, both white, taze the wheelchair-bound man. […]

Tyra Banks is a former supermodel turned cultural icon. One of the only Black models to ever achieve mainstream success, she has used her star power to parlay her runway success into business gold. Having created the wildly successful “Top Model” franchise from the ground up, Banks chose day time television as her next conquest, […]