The 23-year-old star was a newlywed but was allegedly in a romp with a model and a fellow music artist when the incident happened.


The announcement comes as Brazil's COVID-19 confirmed cases and death count trails only the United States with 1,623,284 infected Brazilians and 65,000 deaths. Its gotten so bad that mass graves have been used to bury thousands of Coronavirus victims as the death rate continues to rise. Like a certain orange hued madman, Bolsonaro resisted shutting down his country's economy and pushed for businesses, beaches and other establishments to remain open or re-open before things got under control. Sound familiar?

Just when you thought you heard it all Brazil shows you what spicy really means. An inmate did the most in an attempt to escape prison.


Most New Yorkers are familiar with the horror stories that revolve around the infamous Rikers Island jail complex and the corruption it entails, but at least it isn’t a Brazilian prison.

Brazil’s president has a little bit of explaining to do. There was enough snow on his aircraft to go sledding.

Pamela Alexandra has been around for some years and has shown up in videos such as T.I.’s “No Mediocre” while even landing in gossip columns for a zany rumor. The Swiss-Brazilian beauty is now taking on the world with her very popping social media presence, and she’s our latest Baes and Baddies entry.

Soccer fans, the country of Brazil and the world are mourning the deaths of nearly 80 people after a plane crash involving the Chapecoense de Brasil soccer club.

Pelé is considered by many to be the greatest soccer player ever, and he is still revered around the world and his contribution to “the beautiful game,” a phrase he’s said to have coined. An upcoming biopic Pelé: Birth of a Legend, focuses on the early life and rise of the Brazillian football star and will […]

The Daily Mail is insisting that a jealous Kylie Jenner made Tyga lose out on some serious cash flow after she didn’t want him around the apple-bottomed beauties that parade around Brazil during a string of sold-out shows.

New York-bred with roots in Brazilian, our latest Bangin Candy is the absolutely tantalizing Suelyn Medeiros.

Imagine being years into your marriage, only to discover you’ve been married to one of your siblings. This shocking instance came true for a woman in Brazil who unknowingly married her brother after connecting with her lost mother.

More news that proves sh-t is all too violently real in Brazil. A rapper named MC Daleste was shot and killed while performing while performing Saturday night in Campinas, a town near Sao Paulo.