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Most New Yorkers are familiar with the horror stories that revolve around the infamous Rikers Island jail complex and the corruption it entails, but at least it isn’t a Brazilian prison.

CNN is reporting that a wild prison riot went down in Brazil’s Regional Recovery Center at 7am when a local gang “stormed” a wing in the facility and began a brouhaha that lasted several hours. After the smoke had cleared 57 people had been murdered and while the majority of them were believed to have been killed by asphyxiation, 16 of the victims were found decapitated.

Ten of the 16 prisoners who were blamed for instigating the violence will be transferred to federal penitentiaries, state media reported, citing local authorities. More than 46 other prisoners will be moved to other prisons in Para.

The incident is the latest outbreak of deadly violence in recent months to have taken place in Brazil’s often overcrowded and underfunded prison system.
The local prison authorities said at the time the deaths were a result of violent clashes among rival factions within the same drug gang, known as the Family of the North.

If you’re not familiar with how real things can get in Brazil we suggest you take the time this weekend to watch the cult classic City of God and learn that Brazil isn’t all about beaches and big booties in thongs.

It’s really real down there, b.