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Just when you thought you heard it all Brazil shows you what spicy really means. An inmate did the most in an attempt to escape prison.

Buzz Feed is reporting that Clauvino da Silva dressed up as his 19 year old daughter in an effort to free himself from the big house. In what is probably the most brazen but ingenious plan of any prisoner of this generation, Silva went to great lengths to ensure his costume was up to snuff. According to Rio de Janeiro’s state secretary of prison administration he not only donned a wig and glasses but also a silicone mask. Yes silicone.

The plot was framed around his daughter’s visit where he intended to switch places with her and walk out of the correctional facility. His plan fell apart though when guards noticed the teen was behaving nervously. He was promptly put in a holding room where authorities questioned him and got him to confess.

Silva is reportedly a member of the Red Command; a notorious and powerful crime syndicate in Brazil. He now faces disciplinary sanctions that will be added to his current 73-year sentence for drug trafficking.

Video of the get up below.

Photo: Getty