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Brazil’s president has a little bit of explaining to do. There was enough snow on his aircraft to go sledding.

The New York Times is reporting that President Jair Bolsonaro was caught moving weight, literally. During a recent trip to the 2019 “Group of 20” Summit in Osaka, Japan his flight was found with some serious extra baggage. While in Spain for a pit stop to refuel security found 86 pounds of cocaine. The drugs were said to be the property of a Brazilian airman but naturally this seize had everyone giving the politician severe side eye.

Bolsonaro called the bust “unacceptable” and vowed that the service member will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of their laws on a tweet dated Wednesday, June 26.

Spanish authorities say Sgt. Manoel Silva Rodrigues entered the airport screening over 37 packages of cocaine were found in his suitcase and garment bag. Brazilian political analyst Marcelo Freixo put on his captain obvious hat in a statement about the bust. “Trafficking of arms and drugs generates fortunes the world over and involves powerful people. It’s necessary to follow the money and pursue those at the top.”

Photo: Getty