If you are an anti-masker start saving your coins. The TSA has upped the penalty price if you don’t mask up.

Covid-19 is still a very real thing but some folks refuse to cooperate. One person found out the hard way that they need to keep move mouth and nose covered.

It seems Busta Rhymes wasn’t having it when he boarded a flight to Europe the other day. The Dungeon Dragon took offense to his personal space being infringed upon, literally.

Brazil’s president has a little bit of explaining to do. There was enough snow on his aircraft to go sledding.

Five women started fighting aboard a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles Wednesday (March 9) morning, because two of the women wouldn’t turn their music down. The women were (obviously) tipsy at the time, and playing music from “a boombox speaker.”

A photo of a Nigerian airlines using a  ladder to help passengers on and off a plane has gone viral. Adore Contractors, a state-controlled aviation imprint, used the ladder for roughly 34 people  because the stairs weren’t working.

Morgan Freeman’s  plane had to make an emergency crash landing in Mississippi over the weekend, and he walked away without injury. Now everyone is convinced he’s immortal.

Hundreds of passengers were stranded for hours on an Etihad Airways flight (without adequate food) bound for San Francisco over the weekend. Fog grounded Flight 183 on a tarmac in Abu Dhabi for 12 hours.  

Bobby Ray better known to the world as  B.O.B., is making huge strides in the Hip-Hop world especially now that the Grand Hustle artist has landed a worldwide publishing deal. Universal Music Publishing group is announcing plans to work with the artist through a worldwide co-publishing agreement. The agreement encompasses B.o.B.’s platinum selling debut album, […]