Candace Owens is trending on Twitter for a variety of reasons, one of which include her new George Floyd and anti-BLM documentary.


Candace Owens is known for bringing people together. Yeah right, but she did manage to reunite Ray J and her new buddy Kanye West at the premiere for her alleged Black Lives Matter documentary.

The conservative pundit found herself a topic of discussion after misframing the Uvdale shooter as trans.

The wayward pundit used her massive Twitter platform to show support for Vladimir Putin's assault on Ukraine, willfully tweeting "Russian Lives Matter" at the end of her misguided missive.

Owens, a popular conservative pundit, couldn't serve on the bench of the nation's highest court because she doesn't have a law degree.


Are you really on the right side of history of Candace Owens agrees with you? The conservative tap dancer's latest commentary include her saying she would never get a COVID-19 vaccine, even on her deathbed.


Donald Trump attempted to make himself look better at the expense of a hapless Black person—sound familiar? This time the tap dancing clown was Candace Owens, who while interviewing the losing President was taken aback when he suddenly turned into a pro-vaxxer.

The controversial conservative commentator and media personality found herself trending on the social media service after a reported parody account tweeted an image of former Trumper Stacey Dash in Owens' stead.

Once more, Owens finds herself a trending topic on Twitter after she shared an email from a private facility in Colorado that refused to give her a test based on her anti-mask and vaccine information mark.

This time, Owens is in the headlines after former GOP congressional candidate Kimberly Klacick filed suit against her for defamation and the reactions are what one should expect.