Pastor Brian Carn of Charlotte presided over Easter Service at Kingdom City Church while stating he was suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.


Irv Gotti has never been one to bite his tongue on any subject. The Murder Inc. founder recently took to social media with his reasoning on why the Jenner sisters have old White men in their feelings.


Todd Coontz, a former Charlotte, North Carolina preacher who mixed the gospel with financial advice for his flock, has been charged with several counts of federal tax fraud and evasion. Coontz attempted to write off a $1.5 million condo and a fleet of luxury vehicles off as business expenses, while also filing false tax returns.


You may have thought The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte was just a funny picture, but no, it is a real show.

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Charlotte, North Carolina artist Three was last rapper standing on BET’s One Shot reality Hip-Hop competition show. Sway Calloway served as the host while Mike Smith, King Tech and King Crooked were the judges as the show hit four cities (Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago) in search of the country’s best undiscovered rap talent.

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After days of protest, Charlotte police finally released their footage of Keith Lamont Scott being shot and killed. As those who have grown wary of Black men being gunned down by cops predicted, the video makes you wonder why the officers considered Scott a threat—besides the obvious, his melanin.

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The wife of Keith Lamont Scott, the man killed under so far still suspect circumstances in Charlotte, NC, filmed his fatal encounter with police. The New York Times obtained the video from the family’s lawyer and it certainly won’t cool things down in a city that’s experienced protests and rioting over the last couple of […]

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The Charlotte protests for slain Black man Keith Lamont Scott have been raging for two days, prompting the North Carolina governor to call for a state of emergency. A Fox News reporter was in the thick of the protests and cornered one woman who had compatriots ready to dish out a merciless fade on her […]


The troubling details surrounding the death of disabled Charlotte, N.C. man Keith Lamont Scott are still developing, and the protesters in the southern city are expressing varying levels of outrage. Tuesday evening, a clash between police officers and the protestors erupted and there are still demonstrations occurring this morning.

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Earl Arnold Valentine, a 45-year-old Charlotte, N.C. man, confessed to killing his teenage son and shooting his ex-wife on Facebook Live. Valentine shortly shot and killed himself after releasing the video, while the ex-wife is still in serious condition.

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The mayor of Charlotte, N.C. is has stepped down from his post following an arrest Wednesday morning. Patrick Cannon resigned later that afternoon after undercover FBI agents nabbed him for accepting a series of bribery offers and other public corruption charges.

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Once a year, Charlotte, N.C., becomes a zoo for the one and only CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) Weekend, a basketball tournament comprised of nothing but HBCUs. The annual event also brings a host of your favorite rappers to the 704, among which this year included the likes of Drake and Pusha T. Both MCs gave impromptu performances […]