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The wife of Keith Lamont Scott, the man killed under so far still suspect circumstances in Charlotte, NC, filmed his fatal encounter with police. The New York Times obtained the video from the family’s lawyer and it certainly won’t cool things down in a city that’s experienced protests and rioting over the last couple of days.

The video is disturbing, and heartbreaking. Apparently Rakeyia Scott came out of the apartment complex with a cell phone charger for her husband, who was in a visitor’s parking space, waiting for his son to return home from school.

When Mrs. Scott came out she saw that the police, who were there to serve a warrant on someone else, had surrounded Mr. Scott’s vehicle.

Mrs. Scott is heard pleading with the police not to shoot her husband, saying that he had just taken his medicine for a T.B.I. (Traumatic Brain Injury). While Mrs. Scott continuously tries to cool down the situation, an officer is heard saying drop the gun.

The gunshots are heard off camera, then Mrs. Scott is heard yelling, “Did you shoot him?! He bet’ not be f*cking dead.”

Although the family, lawyers and other officials have seen the police footage of the shooting, it has yet to be released to the public.

The cops say it’s holding the video(s) back so as not to hamper the investigation, but to many it seems like they’re stalling, and hiding something.

Watch the footage below. Be warmed, it is graphic.

Rest in peace Keith Lamont Scott.

Photo: screen cap