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The Charlotte protests for slain Black man Keith Lamont Scott have been raging for two days, prompting the North Carolina governor to call for a state of emergency. A Fox News reporter was in the thick of the protests and cornered one woman who had compatriots ready to dish out a merciless fade on her behalf.

Crooks and Liars reported that Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan was on the scene in Charlotte covering the happenings and zeroed in on a tidbit that a person had been shot at the protests.

Harrigan kept his focus solely on the shooting and not to the events occurring around him when he spoke with a woman who was not here for Fox News’ shenanigans. Harrigan asked the woman why was she at the protests instead of leaving the area over the reported shooting, which was pretty much the dumbest question to ask at the moment.

From Crooks and Liars:

She forcefully asserted that she puts herself in danger every day just by being black, “I could be at work, at school, in my car, I can still get shot – by the police!”

“We are not the same. We are human, but I am black and you are white so don’t tell me not to come over here…”

Harrigan tried to respond and she said, “You are using sarcasm.”

He then asked her if she knew who did the shooting, “You want to put it on video so you can put it on the news, right?”

“If we got a video so you could elaborate off it, make a fu*king fabricated story!”

The f-bomb was aired live and in color as the censors tried to mute the young lady after the fact. It was then when a group of protestors began to crowd Harrigan and his camera crew before he made a wise decision to leave.

Gov. Pat McCrory issued the state of emergency on Wednesday and National Guard troops took to the streets with rubber bullets, tear gas, and other related crowd-control weaponry. Four police officers were injured in the most recent clashes.

There is some profanity in this clip from the Charlotte protests below, so please mind your speakers.

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