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Irv Gotti has never been one to bite his tongue on any subject. The Murder Inc. founder recently took to social media with his reasoning on why the Jenner sisters have old White men in their feelings.

In a barely coherent Instagram post that has been since deleted, the Tales creator voiced how Kylie and Kendall dating Black men are a major reason why White Supremacists have become more vocal about reclaiming their so-called land.

“F*ck it. Let’s talk about it right now. This is what they hate right now. With a passion. Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner’s daughter. Arguably the HOTTEST CHICK ON THE PLANET!! Dated Tyga!! Now dating Travis Scott!! 2 RAP N*GGAS!! I think when Trump says. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I think he is saying LETS GET OUR WOMEN BACK!! Cause the Hip Hop Culture has f*cked up the whole sh*t. F*ck it. I’m gonna say it. THE KARDASHIAN CLAN AND THE TWO JENNER DAUGHTERS. Has f*cked up the whole world.”

He also went on to define how the Kardashian Clan are changing the lens of teenage white girls therefore going against the good old boys club.

“They are changing the minds of young white girls across america. Across the world. Kylie being the epitome. She has transformed herself into the hottest chick in the game. And she fucks with Rappers. What you think a lil white girl is thinking that’s 15 years old. That idolizes Kylie. She wants to get a face and body like Kylie. To attract a NI***!!”

Nonetheless, Gotti made it clear the rant wasn’t bashing them and also took time out to pay respects to Kris Jenner for masterminding their entire reality show glow up.

“This isn’t a message bashing the Kardashians Or Kylie and Kendall. They are dope to me. They are apart of this thing called the Hip Hop CULTURE. So I love them and there success. Kris Jenner is a fucking Genius to me.”

You can read Irv’s entire post in full below.

Of course this narrow minded point of view rubbed many people the wrong considering people of color have been discriminated on and oppressed way before Kim’s sex tape.

Aside from a much needed crash course in basic grammar, Irv needs to do his homework on the struggle. No shots.

Peep more slander below and on the flip.


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