Herschel Walker made yet another public speaking gaffe on the campaign trail, floating a silly theory of China's "bad air" versus "good air."

The RZA promotes peace and unity but he is still about his coin. He has filed suit against several parties who have been selling unauthorized Wu-Tang Clan merchandise.

While tensions continue to rise due to violence against AAPI some companies have shown their allegiance with the Asian community. One brand, Chinatown Market, will be doing a big pivot to do so.

US fast-food chain McDonald's had to issue an apology after a video surfaced on Twitter of one of its restaurants located in Southern China had a sign up saying Black people were not allowed in the restaurant.

The nation's tally also surpasses Spain, France, Iran, and the United Kingdom. Italy has reported over 12,000 deaths.

While the majority of her fans think she is superwoman Cardi B is still the regular shmegular girl from The Bronx. She has officially given her thoughts on the pandemic and as expected she is keeping the same hood energy.

The coronavirus has affected many worldwide in regards to health, but according to Adidas the virus isn’t only affecting people’s health—it’s also affecting their bottom line.

LeBron James inserted himself in the middle of the ongoing tensions between the NBA and China after calling out Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s “misinformed” tweet. James’ comment on the matter seemingly has him siding with the communist nation and many are calling the Lakers great a sellout.

The NBA was shoring up what looked to be a fruitful union with China, but now tension between the sports league and the communist nation looks to be growing by the day. After Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted in support of Hong Kong protestors, he set off a flurry of debate regarding free […]

Unfortunately, bandooloo gear isn’t going anywhere. One of the most celebrated clothing brands did however just win big against several high profile bootleg shoe e-stores.

Black Panther opened up China this past weekend and had a very strong showing. The record-breaking film hauled in $63 million which helped the film pass the billion dollar mark putting it in some very elite company. The movie definitely did bring moviegoers out in China, but it didn’t get the rave reviews it enjoyed […]