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White House Coronavirus Task Force Holds Daily Briefing

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The numbers of coronavirus cases and COVID-19 diagnoses are swelling at a rapid rate, signaling that the situation remains extremely dire. The latest tally finds that the United States has surpassed China in the number of deaths related to the virus.

On Tuesday (March 31), the White House task force assigned to tackle the coronavirus situation offered a sobering projecting of 100,000 to 240,000 even with the best practices of social distancing and stay-at-home orders cropping up around the nation, according to a report from NPR.

The spiking numbers seem to reflect this potential projection as over 4,000 people in the nation have died, besting Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, based on the most recent numbers. Italy has reported over 12,000 deaths as the European nation is still struggling to slow the spread.

The United Nations has unveiled a plan that they believe could halt the spread of the virus, and a rights expert for the organization is suggesting lifting sanctions on North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran. The UN’s position is that lifting sanctions could address the crumbling of international health systems and to combat rising reports of hunger in nations shut out from trade and goods.

The United States is now reporting nearly 190,000 cases and the economic outlook domestically and in Europe has shown signs of improving soon. Adding to this, China, which once was depicted as the epicenter of the spread, seemingly contained the coronavirus explosion but is now reporting an uptick in new infections after reporting people who are asymptomatic.

Details of the United Nations report can be read by following this link.

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