christopher dorner

It’s been fairly quiet for Ab-Soul over the past few months. Aside from a few guest appearances, fans haven’t received much new music from the west coast rapper, but that changes today with a track called “Christopher DRONEr.”

An unidentified gunman opened fire on two LAPD officers during a morning ambush in Los Angeles Tuesday (May 25). One of the two officers was struck in the hand, the other was grazed.

A review of Christopher Dorner’s firing found that there was no racism involved. A lawyer who reviewed the information told the Associated  Press Tuesday (June 4), that the LAPD was justified in letting go of the rogue ex-cop.  

The man carjacked by former LAPD officer, Christopher Dorner, wants the $1 million reward up for grabs. Prior to the rogue cop’s demise, the hefty reward was put up, and has yet to be dispersed.

Photos of Christopher Dorner, allegedly taken on the day that he died, have gone up for sale.

Christopher Dorner’s claims of racism and police brutality within the LAPD has struck a chord with a former officer.  Joe Jones penned a manifesto in which he sympathized with Dorner.

We already knew this information, but authorities have just now confirmed that the charred body found inside a cabin in Big Bear, Calif. was that of Christopher Dorner. Authorities were able to use dental records to confirm the identity of the corpse.

Christopher Dorner’s mother has finally spoken out. Nancy Dorner released a statement to a Los Angeles news station, expressing her condolences for those affected by her son’s killing spree, and maintained that she does not condone his actions. 

While the rest of the world was on the edge of their seats wondering what would happen next in the story of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, his mom was kicking back with some chips and salsa. Dorner’s mother, Nancy, reportedly watched live footage of her son’s standoff with authorities at a mexican restaurant in […]

In what at times seemed like a scene from a Jason Bourne movie or a Grand Theft Auto video game, the stand off between Christopher Dorner and LAPD in Big Bear, Calif. has to come to an end. The cabin Dorner was holed up in caught fired and has burned down, with human remains found […]

Police in Big Bear California have been engaged in a gun battle with former police officer Christopher Dorner.

The search for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner in California has taken a grisly turn; this after police fired on three innocent persons and injuring two women in city of Torrance. The trigger-happy actions of cops in the large manhunt have inspired residents to fashion signs warning police not to shoot them as well according to a report from Gawker.