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In what at times seemed like a scene from a Jason Bourne movie or a Grand Theft Auto video game, the stand off between Christopher Dorner and LAPD in Big Bear, Calif. has to come to an end. The cabin Dorner was holed up in caught fired and has burned down, with human remains found that are presumed to be those of the ex-LAPD officer.

Various media outlets prematurely confirmed Dorner’s death before the body was actually found. Various accounts say that a single shot was heard in the cabin as it burned to the ground. Conspiracy theories will run rampant since it may take a while before the remains are identified.

According to CNN:

It may take days before authorities can officially determine whether Christopher Jordan Dorner’s body was found in the ashes of a torched cabin near Big Bear Lake, California.

But several signs early Wednesday seemed to suggest that the ex-Los Angeles police officer’s vendetta against his brothers in blue ended in that wooden cabin with a shootout that left one deputy dead and another wounded.

And late in the evening, authorities announced that they found human remains in the cabin and would need forensic experts to identify them.

Two officers were shot in yesterday’s stand off and one of them perished from his injuries, which brings Dorner’s death toll to four since going on his mission to exact revenge on LAPD for firing him.

Dorner’s killing spree, aimed at bringing “substantial change” to the LAPD, began on February 3 when he shot and killed the daughter of his police union representative and of her fiance. His burned out truck was found near Big Bear Lake on February 7. Authorities eventually placed $1 million bounty on Dorner’s head.

Dorner was finally spotted again yesterday, driving a purple Nissan. Authorities chased Dorner (and gunfired was exchanged) and he crashed, but he carjacked a camp ranger named Rick Heltebrake who driving pick up truck.

A gun battle soon followed where the two officers were hit, one fatally. After fleeing into a nearby by cabin, Dorner was inside for hours before authorities tossed in smoke devices, which allegedly started the fire.

The fire burned for a few hours and Dorner never emerged from the cabin. The Bernardino County Sheriff’s office confirmed that charred human remains were found late last night in the burned-out cabin.

Photo: LAPD