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While the rest of the world was on the edge of their seats wondering what would happen next in the story of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, his mom was kicking back with some chips and salsa.

Dorner’s mother, Nancy, reportedly watched live footage of her son’s standoff with authorities at a mexican restaurant in La Palma, Calif.

Nancy was allegedly at La Capilla Mexican Restaurant on Tuesday (Feb. 12), drinking white wine and eating chips and salsa. Local reporter, Michelle Gile revealed that she spoke with a woman fitting the description of Nancy, who is believed to be the mother to the man who went on a shooting rampage, killing four. When Gile asked the woman and her friend if she was related to the one-time Navy reservist, she said no–likely in an attempt to maintain anonymity.

Joseph Munoz, a bartender at the eatery said Nancy inquired about the shootout, after the reporter left. ““Right after you left, she got nervous.She started asking me questions, like if I knew [Dorner]…what I know about him…stuff like that. She was watching the TV, but she wasn’t really concerned about it,” he said. “She was busy talking to her friend, like it was just an everyday thing.”

Gile later went to woman’s home, and saw her drive up. She also confirmed her identity with neighbors.

After a full night of confusion a to whether or not he was dead, police confirmed that a charred body was found in the cabin where the accused killer was hiding out. The cabin went up in flames, but his body has yet to be positively identified.


Photo: LAPD