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We already knew this information, but authorities have just now confirmed that the charred body found inside a cabin in Big Bear, Calif. was that of Christopher Dorner.

Authorities were able to use dental records to confirm the identity of the corpse.

Dorner died after a shootout with police, and may have taken his own life. He was in hiding for over a week, and is believed to have been right under the noses of cops, staying in abandoned cabins in the vacation area, usually visited during the winter months.

Police deny that they intentionally burned down the cabin where Dorner was, but threw in exploding smoke bombs, and were recorded saying that they would go forward “with the plan.”

From TMZ:

Christopher Dorner is dead … officially … now that officials say they have POSITIVELY identified the killer’s remains. 

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. released a statement saying, “The charred human remains located in the burned out cabin in Seven Oaks have been positively identified to be that of Christopher Dorner.”

Officials say he was identified through dental records. Dorner died in a remote cabin in Big Bear, CA — where he engaged police in an intense gun battle. Dorner shot and killed one cop in the firefight and wounded another. 


According to his manifesto, Dorner was well aware that he would die for his actions. He went on a shooting rampage after being fed-up with witnessing wrong-doings within the LAPD, and believed that his firing was a result of exposing the department.

Dorner’s mother, Nancy, released a statement expressing his condolences for the victims.