People all over the world are reacting to the grisly and tragic news of the shootings in an elementary school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. 

President Obama addressed the nation Friday (Dec. 14) following the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school earlier in the morning. Driven to tears, Obama was visibly shaken by the ordeal. 

UPDATE: The shooter was Adam Lanza, not his elder brother Ryan Lanza, and he died of a self-inflicted gun wound. He used two handguns — a Glock and a Sig Sauer — and a .223-caliber assault rifle. As previously reported, 26 people were murdered at a Newton, Connecticut elementary school today, 18 of those killed […]

UPDATE: The shooter has been identified as Ryan Lanza. According to police, the gunman was in his 20s and was wearing all black. A second suspect was taken into custody by police.  Grief counselors have been called to a nearby fire station to speak with parents and students.  Children at a Connecticut elementary school fled to safety […]

Just because you’re a thief, it doesn’t mean that your moral compass is completely broken, which may be why a Connecticut man stole a delivery car only to finish the job of dropping off food items. Keith Hinds was charged with larceny Friday (Nov. 9) for jacking the vehicle from a driver working for the Black […]

One day after tropical cyclone Sandy hit the East Coast causing damage in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and beyond, President Obama signed important disaster declarations. The move opens the door for federal assistance to the areas hit hard by the the storm.

Despite being downgraded from a hurricane Monday (Oct. 29), Sandy still packed a punch once she made land fall. The storm slammed the Northeast, leaving  many without electricity, and flooding areas throughout.

Police in Connecticut arrested a man who pulled out a gun inside a Red’s Café after he was denied entrance into the bar because of “ladies night.” Sean Peterson, of New Haven, argued with a bar employee who told him that he was not allowed in the area of the venue because he was a man. Rather […]

A Connecticut daycare worker has some explaining to do after footage of her bullying a 3-year-old Black boy hit the ‘Net. Lindsay Cavallaro, an employee at Sleeping Giant Day Care in Hamden, reacted to the young boy’s tantrum by daring him to make good on his empty threats. Since he’s only 3-years-old, the boy—named Michael— was […]