We lowkey expect to see a lot of Converse attire in that last season of Insecure. We not mad at that though.


Converse might have to hire her to quiet the outrage at this point.

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game is just a little less than a month away, so sneakerheads best have been saving their coins or getting their credit right. This time of the year means coveted sneakers will be hitting to honor the annual event and this year Jordan Brand, along with Nike and Converse are delivering […]

As Vince Staples’ spotlight continues to grow so does his marketing appeal. He has linked with Converse and re-imagined one of their signature models.

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The days of a sneaker commercial simply showing kids balling in the local park are over and Converse knows this.

Yes, it hasn’t even been a year since Converse debuted the All-Star II. However, the Converse All Star Modern HTM unveiled today (June 6) ramps things up exponentially via luxury materials and advanced sneaker tech, too.

There may not be a sneaker more readily recognizable by generations of people than Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star. The shoe just got a redesign upgrade but don’t worry—the aesthetics are virtually the same while it gets a boost in cushioning thanks to Nike. 

Outkast are heavy contenders for having the most classic records from a Hip-Hop act and that’s because they never attempted to fix what wasn’t broken.

Converse has had enough of all those Chuck Taylor bootlegs. The shoe company has sued 31 companies, including Ralph Lauren and Walmart, for making knock offs of its iconic sneaker, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star. 

Wiz Khalifa just scored a re-up. Today (August 21), Converse revealed its second sneaker collection with the Pittsburgh rapper.

Wiz Khalifa and Converse‘s partnership was a natural collaboration, due to the rapper’s history as an advocate for the brand. Following a brief television spot debuted last month, the public finally gets a first look at what the two parties cooked up.

Earlier in the year, news broke that Wiz Khalifa and Converse had struck some sort of deal. Until now, the nature of their relationship was unknown. A visual, debuted not long ago, revealed that the Taylor Gang rapper has a signature collection with the shoe brand.