The U.S. Army has joined the rest of the  U.S. military in beginning the process of giving its anti-vaxxer personnel the combat-boot if they continue to refuse to get themselves vaccinated.

While many online praised the Michigan-based company for prioritizing worker health, the horse medicine crowd on Twitter had their little meltdown as well.

As cases of COVID-19 and its variants continue to crop up around the world, the third dose of this particular vaccine shows promise of mitigating worsening conditions.

Fake news is still a thing even after Donald Trump got shown the exit door. Come to find out Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers never got his shot even though multiple outlets reported he did.

Apple users will have no excuse when it comes to presenting their COVID-19 immunization cards.

Nicki Minaj is now saying the White House is capping after they claimed they did not invite her for a visit.

Because Twitter can rarely resist a joke at all costs, the social media network has flipped Minaj's tale and has #MyCousinTookTheVaccine trending.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper and social media superstar rattled off some anti-vaccine talking points that have fans trying and failing miserably to change the Queen's mind.

Jasmine Clifford faces two felonies related to the scam along with an additional misdemeanor conspiracy charge, and another woman also faces charges for entering false records in the state of New York's immunization database.