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Nicki Minaj Fans Stage Protest In Front of CDC Headquarters In Atlanta

Source: Lucas Dawson / Getty

Nicki Minaj’s Barbz made their case for the title of the silliest fanbase on the planet.

It’s no secret how toxic the Barbz are on social media. The minute you criticize their leader, Nicki Minaj, for anything, accounts with the rapper’s face as their profile photos pop up in your mentions calling you all kinds of names or hitting you with unicorn emojis.

Their loyalty to the Queens rapper has been on full display as of late. They still defended Minaj after she was rightfully called out by many high-profile people, including the health minister of Trinidad & Tobago, after posting COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. In a headass tweet, she claimed a friend of her cousin became impotent, and his testicles became swollen, causing his friend’s bride-to-be to call off their wedding. Many medical experts refuted those claims adding that the friend was more than likely suffering from an untreated STD and not a side effect from the COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s wild that this tweet is even still up.

Despite all of that, the Barbz were still ride or die and recently showed they are willing to stand with Minaj no matter what. Some of her fans decided to take their looney fandom to the CDC Headquarters located in Atlanta to stage a protest. They argued that the rapper was in the right when she shared that tweet, pretty much saying they trust her medical advice over doctors and other experts who you know went to years of medical school.

We wished we were making this up, but here is the video.

This protest is precisely what MSNBC news anchor, Joy-Ann Reid, spoke about when she initially called out Minaj for sharing misinformation with her 22.7 million easily impressionable followers. Instead of trying to start some dialogue with Reid, Minaj instead attacked her, calling her “Uncle Tomiana” and a “lying homophobic coon.”

Minaj has since been extraordinarily defiant and digging a deeper hole, going as far as consigning a video of white nationalist cheerleader and Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson caping for her while beefing with the Biden White House.

We don’t know what Minaj is trying to accomplish with these shenanigans, but this is a serious matter. If these fans genuinely believe that misinformation she shared, this pandemic will be a problem for a long time. We sincerely hope Nicki Minaj hops on Twitter (she was not put in Twitter jail by the company) or back on Instagram Live and talk some sense into her fans.

Photo: Lucas Dawson / Getty