DJ Kay Slay is reportedly hospitalized and battling COVID-19. The Hip-Hop community has been pouring out support for the famed New York City DJ as news of health woes became public.

The CDC, one of the leading voices on handling the virus, has suggested that COVID-19 isolation be cut from 10 to 5 days, but only if the subject is asymptomatic.


Donald Trump attempted to make himself look better at the expense of a hapless Black person—sound familiar? This time the tap dancing clown was Candace Owens, who while interviewing the losing President was taken aback when he suddenly turned into a pro-vaxxer.


By Tuesday night 84 of the leagues 450 players had already been put on "Safety and Health" protocols due to their COVID-19 status.

A video posted by the Brooklyn Nets star seems to suggest he's ready to get back to playing but it's still a mystery overall.

As cases of COVID-19 and its variants continue to crop up around the world, the third dose of this particular vaccine shows promise of mitigating worsening conditions.


New Yorkers working at private companies who aren't vaccinated will soon need to get at least their first dose, due to a new mandate announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio. In addition, indoor vaccination requirements have also been extended to children ranging from 5 to 11.

This time, Greene compared COVID-19 death rates to that of cancer, even though only one of these conditions is contagious.

After he tested positive for COVID-19, the loser squad tried to get #LeCovid popping on Twitter but ended up looking wack in the process.

Using humor as a means to cope, Black Twitter has R&B singer Omarion's name trending as a result and while this is a serious situation, the reaction induced some chuckles.

However, Twitter couldn't resist making light of the World Health Organization's (WHO), naming of a new variant, Omicron, getting the term Decepticon trending as a result.