Another noted celebrity has tested positive for Covid-19. Wendy Williams has announced that she is postponing her return to her popular talk show.

As previously reported, earlier this week the "Seeing Green" rapper shared some thoughts regarding the COVID-19 vaccine before tweeting a wild claim regarding her cousin's friend's testicles. 

Because Twitter can rarely resist a joke at all costs, the social media network has flipped Minaj's tale and has #MyCousinTookTheVaccine trending.

In the Queens rapper's rant, she claimed that a friend of her cousin had issues in his private parts after taking the vaccine but the CDC says not so fast.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper and social media superstar rattled off some anti-vaccine talking points that have fans trying and failing miserably to change the Queen's mind.

Cedric Ceballos, the former small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns, shared that he's currently in the ICU battling COVID-19 via social media this past Tuesday.

On Thursday (September 9), President Biden announced a set of new vaccine mandates, and as expected, pushback from some Americans has been ramping up on social medial.

Cancún Cruz shot off a lazy "get a job" tweet after an ABC News affiliate tweeted a report that jobless Americans are facing fewer options as benefits are starting to run out.


Many have questions about ivermectin, the drug that has been consumed by many looking to protect themselves against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This article looks to clear up some of the confusion and to point out why you should avoid it.

Once more, Owens finds herself a trending topic on Twitter after she shared an email from a private facility in Colorado that refused to give her a test based on her anti-mask and vaccine information mark.

Jasmine Clifford faces two felonies related to the scam along with an additional misdemeanor conspiracy charge, and another woman also faces charges for entering false records in the state of New York's immunization database.