Wiz Khalifa, B-Real, and Berner all share a common love of cannabis and they've individually partnered with brands to roll out fancy gear.


We wonder if Steve Harvey's going to address this at all. Probably not but you never know.


Back in the early 90’s Cypress Hill was undoubtedly one of the biggest groups in Hip-Hop and dropped some instant classics such as “How I Could Just Kill A Man,” and “Insane In The Brain.” Now after decades of respect from both their Hip-Hop peers and Hip-Hop fans alike, the LA trio is finally getting […]


Political rap supergroup Prophets Of Rage are making their presence known during the 2016 Presidential election. In addition to touring and bum rushing the Republican National Convention they are releasing an album.


Rap rock supergroup Prophets Of Rage kept their word and performed in protest in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention this week.


Cyrpress Hill‘s landmark self-titled debut album turns 25 years old this August and they are celebrating by reissuing the album with a limited edition black skull case.

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Prophets Of Rage, the supergroup made up of Chuck D, B-Real and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine are plotting a musical revolution this summer and they are starting at the Republican National Convention.


Few musical groups have held sway expressing political and revolutionary themes quite like Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy. The legendary groups have joined forces and added Cypress Hill‘s B Real to the mix to form the supergroup, Prophets of Rage.

More often than not, rap music and drugs go hand in hand. For one reason or another, marijuana in particular, seems to be the choice high for many of our favorite MCs.

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Now this is one interesting factoid. It turns out the voice actor who helms the “Franklin” character in Grand Theft Auto V knocked out Ice Cube and stole the rapper’s chain back in the day.

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Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs connects with the polarizing Danny Brown on a bass-heavy, abrasive track titled “Headfirst.” The in-your-face cut displays the veteran DJ and producer’s mastery of the dubstep sound he’s favored the past couple of years.