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Cannabis is very much here to stay whether you like it or not, and ways to consume the products continue to evolve. With several Hip-Hop stars known for their love of the leaf, we’re turning a focus on a trio of artists who collaborated with brands that will help one up their cannabis consumption game.

B-Real X Dr. Greenthumbs X G Pen

Cannabis and Hip-Hop Collaborations

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Fans of B-Real of Cypress Hill fame, Wiz Khalifa, and Berner are fully aware that these gentlemen are all about cannabis, and below, we’re putting a focus on some of their notable collaborations with brands that will elevate your high.

B-Real is the creator of the character Dr. Greenthumb which is also the name of his brand. Dr. Greenthumb partnered with Grenco Sciences for a series of branded items that deliver good medicine to the lungs, such as the G Pen Connect vaporizer and the G Pen Dash vaporizer. Hit the links to the left to learn more about the devices! We’ll be reviewing these devices at a later time.

Wiz Khalifa X Stündenglass

Cannabis and Hip-Hop Collaborations

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No grouping of Hip-Hop stars who like to puff would be complete without the inclusion of the Pittsburgh stoner himself, Wiz Khalifa. The Taylor Gang honcho collaborated with Stündenglass, the world’s first gravity-powered infuser. Wiz’s branded version of the device is something to see in action, and you can see a video of Young Khalifa doing his thing by clicking this link. Learn more about Stündenglass and all of the other products, including a beverage smoker, by clicking here. Also works great for hookah!

Berner X G Pen

Cannabis and Hip-Hop Collaborations

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Berner, the founder of the sprawling Cookies company and its spinoff brand Lemonade, dropped previous collaborations with G Pen products emblazoned with the Cookies logo and is doing so again with the G Pen Roam. Again, the G Pen Roam is an all-in-one e-rig built for consuming potent concentrates on the go. Check out the Cookies and Lemonade versions of the G Pen Roam in those links you just skimmed past.

I’ve used the G Pen Roam, which is a portable water-filtered vaporizer designed for concentrates. Not only is it a beautiful-looking e-rig, but you can also control the temperature using the handy LED display. Even if you’re new to concentrates, and I’m no expert, this is a fine way to experience them. The draws are just enough to produce big, flavorful clouds that won’t overwhelm the neophyte. — D.L. Chandler

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