Dapper Dan

A new set of DAP GAP hoodies are on the way. GAP and Dapper Dan are doubling up on their memorable collaboration.

This week Dapper Dan made history not once but twice. On Wednesday (Nov. 10), the legend received a lifetime achievement award from the fashion industry.

One of the culture’s biggest influencers ever is about to get some overdue acclaim. Dapper Dan is set to receive the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award from the CFDA.

After decades of being shunned by premium brands time has proven Hip-Hop is your favorite tastemaker’s tastemaker. One of our elders recently gave the skinny on the culture became such a force.

Dapper Dan’s affect on fashion can’t be denied. We get a better insight into what makes him tick in a new interview.

A$AP Ferg got Harlem going brazy. His custom two piece set is so fye that we wouldn’t be mad if Fashion Nova For Men jacked it.

Rap’s premier atelier continues to live his best life via a stellar comeback. His story is the subject of a new AT&T campaign.

  Gucci is making good on their big cultural faux pas towards people of color. The brand has announced its formal action plan to bring true inclusion to its $15 billion dollar business.


Since Donald Trump too office in 2017, racists and bigots across America felt emboldened to let their true feelings be known, and as if on cue highend fashion brands like Prada, Moncler and more recently Gucci have been releasing blackface inspired collections as if to appease a certain MAGA base. Needless to say that there’s […]

Dapper Dan continues to receive his long overdue praise. Gucci has now dedicated a book in his honor.

Dapper Dan’s glow up seems to have no end in sight. He was recently recognized for his 20 plus years of style contribution.

A style robbery has provided one of Hip-Hop’s greatest influencers a once in a lifetime collaborative opportunity. Dapper Dan’s designs with Gucci have finally come to life.