Just when we thought we knew how petty 50 Cent could be he ups the ante. He wants his favorite R&B songstress to forfeit her television money.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced a plan aimed at completely eliminating the $1.6 trillion of student debt in the nation while also providing a pathway for free college. Via Twitter, many observers are joined in celebrating the potential while some are certainly hopeful the legislation becomes law.

G-Unit or not Fofty wants his money. Ferrari’s longtime shooter is now on the chopping block.

2019 is the year that 50 Cent comes for every coin he is owed. Another debtor has been called out for an outstanding balance.

A great man once said, “Mo money, mo problems.” And few things prove that adage true as these 15 celebs with embarrassing money trouble. Such is the nature of entertainment money.

Damon “Dame” Dash‘s financial troubles are officially out of control. The Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder has been hit was $2.8 million dollar tax bill courtesy of the IRS. 

Scott Storch won’t be going to jail, because he’s settled his child support debt. Police in Florida were looking to arrest the producer on site for skipping out on the bill, if he didn’t cough up the money, since he also missed his court date.

“I’ll take my lumps for a lot of things that, in retrospect, were a little indulgent. Life happens. I don’t regret any of it.” A lifestyle of lavish spending takes its toll overtime as a person has to dig deeper into their pockets to find cash.  After awhile, a person will pull out empty pockets […]

Although Shyne may still be dealing with the unnecessary politics that is the United States of America and their treatment of immigration, rapper Method Man was able to make a quick route in and out of court. After reports stated that the rapper voluntarily turned himself into authorities for charges of tax evasion Monday, the […]